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Volunteer FAQ's

Can we modify our list of volunteer reasons?
Yes, through the Admin menu, you can add, edit, modify and/or delete your list of volunteer purposes.  School Check IN allows for up to ten (10) volunteer purposes.  You can add the first nine (9) purposes.  The last purpose (#10) is preset to "Other".  You can also determine the order your volunteer purposes are displayed by assigning a number display preference of one through nine (1 - 9).  School Check IN requires that you fill in all purposes.

How do we enter our list of volunteers?
Volunteer names are entered or imported through the Admin menu.  Choose the button labeled "volunteer names".

What if two volunteers have the same name?
The computer will not accept two volunteers with the same name with the exact same spelling.  You will need to "trick" the computer.  Here are some examples.  Make your volunteers know which name variation they were assigned.

George Washington
George A. Washington
G. Washington
G Washington  (G Washington is different from G. Washington because of the period).
Geo Washington

Can we track family service hours?
Yes.  School Check IN can track family service hours.  Simply assign each member of the family the same family ID #.

If our volunteers already have name badges, can we disable printing name badges?
Yes, in the Admin section you can enable or disable School Check IN's name badge printing feature.  At any later time, you may once again enable the School Check IN volunteer badge printing feature.

How quickly are name badges printed?
School Check IN prints name badges in just seconds.

What is printed on each volunteer name badge?
On each volunteer name badge, School Check IN prints the school name, the volunteer purpose, the volunteer's name, the badge identifier "VOLUNTEER", today's date and current time.  Click here (VOLUNTEER BADGE) to view a sample volunteer name badge.

How do volunteers check in?
Volunteers check in by clicking the volunteer button; select check In; choose their name from your list of approved volunteers; select the purpose of their visit and click the Done button.

How do volunteers check out?
Volunteers check out by clicking the volunteer button; select check Out; choose their name from the list of volunteers checked in and click the Done button.

What if a volunteer forgets to check out?
Volunteers who forget to check out will automatically be checked out by School Check IN.  The default checkout time is set as one hour after the school dismissal time you enter in the Admin preferences.  Volunteers who fail to check out will show in your reports with a series of asterisks (****) next to their name and hours performed.

What if a volunteer changes the volunteer purpose after checking in?
School Check IN can only track what you tell it to track.  If a volunteer changes their volunteer purpose and wishes to now track their time for another purpose, that volunteer needs to check out and then check back in and select the new purpose.

What if a volunteer accidentally checks in or checks out for another volunteer?
For a mistaken check in:
Check out the incorrect volunteer.
Check in the correct volunteer.

For a mistaken check out:
Re-check in the volunteer that was checked out.
Check out the correct volunteer.

Will School Check IN track volunteer hours after school?
Yes, but there's a little trick here.  At one hour after the school's dismissal time, School Check IN will automatically check out any volunteer who is still checked in.  To trick School Check IN to continue to track after hours volunteer times, any volunteer who intends to remain past School Check IN's default check out time, should check out after the regular school dismissal time and then check back in.  Volunteers who check in after school is dismissed and before the default check out time  (school dismissal time + 1 hour) will be able to remain in the system.  If a volunteer fails to check out for after school time, will be default checked out at 11:59 pm.

Does School Check IN tally all volunteer hours?
Yes, School Check IN tallies all hours for all volunteers who check in and check out .  Volunteer hours can be printed over a date range (pre-selected or custom date range) to produce a standard, detail or summary report.

Can we enter off campus volunteer hours into School Check IN?
At present, School Check IN does not offer this feature.  Volunteer hours that are performed without benefit of using School Check IN will still need to be tallied manually.  Look for this feature to be added in a future School Check IN release.

What's the difference between a certified volunteers and occasional volunteers?
Certified volunteers are volunteers that your school has entered into the School Check IN application via the Admin section.  Occasional volunteers are treated by School Check IN as "visitors".  Occasional volunteers will not find their name in your list of certified volunteers and as such will click a special button (Not Found On List) and be transferred to the visitor's menu, where they will enter their name and select the purpose of their school visit.

If the occasional volunteer chooses "volunteer" as their reason, their name will not be entered into your list of certified volunteers.  Only you can add individuals to your volunteer list.  The occasional volunteer hours performed are not added into the volunteer hours performed by your certified volunteers.

Tips on schools with many volunteers.
For schools that have many volunteers, the School Check IN list only displays ten (10) names at a time.  A volunteer can scroll the list to find his/her name, or simply type the last few letters of his/her last name to jump directly to his/her name.
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