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Visitor FAQ's

Can we modify our list of visitor purposes?
Yes, through the Admin menu, you can add, edit, modify and/or delete your list of visitor purposes.  School Check IN allows for up to ten (10) volunteer purposes.  You can add eight (8) visitor purposes under two through nine (2 - 9).  The first purpose (#1) is preset to Volunteer and the last purpose (#10) is preset to "Other".  You can also determine the order your visitor purposes are displayed, by assigning a number display preference of two through nine (2 - 9).  School Check IN requires that you fill in all purposes.

Why is a noncertified parent checked in is a visitor?
Only certified volunteers that you have previously entered into School Check IN as volunteers will appear in the volunteer list.  All others are treated as occasional volunteers and can check in as a visitor and select "volunteer" as their purpose.

What if two visitors have the same name?
School Check IN will properly handle two people with the same name checking in.
When this occurs, the second duplicate named visitor will have a date/time stamp added to their last name so you can clearly identify each visitor.

How quickly are name badges printed?
School Check IN prints name badges in just seconds.

What is printed on each visitor name badge?
On each visitor name badge, School Check IN prints the school name, the visitor's purpose, the visitor's name, the badge identifier "VISITOR", today's date and current time.  Click here (VISITOR BADGE) to view a sample visitor name badge.

Can we disable printing visitor name badges?
Yes, in the Admin section you can enable or disable School Check IN's name badge printing feature.  At any later time, you may once again enable the School Check IN visitor badge printing feature.

How do visitors check in?
Visitors check in by clicking the visitor button; select check In; type their first and last names; select the purpose of their visit and click the Done button.

How do visitors check out?
Visitors check out by clicking the visitor button; select check Out; choose their name from the list of visitors checked in and click the Done button.

What if a visitor forgets to check out?
Visitors who forget to check out will automatically be checked out by School Check IN.  The default checkout time is set as one hour after the school dismissal time you enter in the Admin preferences.  Visitors who fail to check out will show in your reports with a series of asterisks (****) next to their name and hours performed.

What if a visitor wants to change his/her visitor purpose?
School Check IN can only track what you tell it to track.  If a visitor changes their visitor purpose and wishes to now track their time for another purpose, that visitor needs to check out and then check back in and select the new purpose.

What if a visitor accidentally checks out for another visitor?
For a mistaken check out:
Re-check in the visitor that was checked out.
check out the correct visitor.

Is School Check IN a security system for visitors?
School Check IN can certainly assist your school's security efforts by printing name identification badges and providing reporting abilities on who is on your school's campus.  A school security system is only as effective as the policies and procedures implemented and followed at the school.

But any school's security system first line of defense begins with securing your campus access (only one way in and one way out).  Insist that everyone (no exceptions) pass this checkpoint and that your school's security person personally verify everyone's identification.

Your school's security efforts are only as good as the policy in place and how strictly policy and procedures are enforced.  Here's a quick security check

Are all faculty, administrators and other school personnel trained in your school's security procedures?
Is everyone required to present identification?
Is everyone required to have a visible name badge?
Are those not displaying a name badge escorted back to your security check-in point?
Do cafeteria delivery trucks stop at your check-in point or are they allowed to proceed directly to the delivery area?  (Security Alert)

Does School Check IN capture and/or print a visitor's picture?
YES.   A web cam can be purchased from School Check IN that captures and/or print a visitor's picture on the Visitor ID Badge.

Does School Check IN track visitors that are on campus after school hours?
Yes, but there's a little trick here.  At one hour after the school's dismissal time, School Check IN will automatically check out any visitor who is still checked in.  To trick School Check IN to continue to track after hours visitor times, any visitor who intends to remain past School Check IN's default check out time, should check out after the regular school dismissal time and then check back in.  Visitors who check in after school is dismissed and before the default check out time  (school dismissal time + 1 hour) will be able to remain in the system.  If a visitor fails to check out for after school time, will be default checked out at 11:59 pm.

Does School Check IN track visitors?
Yes, School Check IN tallies all hours for all visitors who check in and check out .  Visitor activity can be printed over a date range (pre-selected or custom date range) to produce a standard or detail report.

Does School Check IN tally visitor volunteer time?
Yes, School Check IN tracks and tallys visitor information similar to volunteer information.  Visitor volunteer hours are not added to your certified volunteer hours.  Volunteer and visitor hours are two separate transactions.

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