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Technical FAQ's

Just about every school has a "tech wiz" (a teacher, administrator, parent, student, etc...).  We suggest that you employ the services of your school techie wiz to assist you with your installation, configuration and operation.  The user's guide and FAQ's can assist you with setting up, configuring and using School Check IN at your school.

Can we use School Check IN on a Mac or a PC?
Yes, School Check IN is available in both a PC and MAC version.  When downloading, select which version you wish to download.
What are the minimum system requirements?
Click here to view the system requirements.
Should we back up our data files?
YES.  If your data is important, then back it up.  School Check IN automatically backs up your data to your local drive on your School Check IN computer.  You can also configure backups to saved to a networked drive on another computer (recommended).  Please contact us for Network Backup Instructions.  Computers drives will and do crash.  Having backups is the only way to protect and preserver your data.
How often should we back up our data?
Daily!  *** CAUTION*** Computers and computer hard disk drives will and do fail.
Which files should we back up?
During installation, by default, School Check IN is installed on your "C" drive under Programs (C:\Programs
Files\SchoolCheckIN\) or on Windows 64 bit systems (C:\Programs Files (x86)\SchoolCheckIN\).  The application and a number of data files and windows ddl files are created and installed.  You can locate these files in the School Check IN directory.  Your principal data file is the “SchoolCheckIN.006 file.
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