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Student FAQ's

How do students log in?
For a student to check in as Tardy/Late, a student will:
•  Click the "Students" button.
•  click the Check IN button.
•  Choose their class from the drop down list of classes.
•  Click the "Next" button.
•  Choose their name from the student names.
•  Click the "Next" button.
•  Choose the reason why he/she is late.
•  Click the "Done" button.
•  The students ADMIT (Late/Tardy) pass is printed.
•  The school secretary and/or administrator initials the pass.
•  The student takes the pass and proceeds to his/her class.
•  The teacher collects the ADMIT pass.

Can we modify our list of Late/Tardy excuses?
Yes, through the Admin menu, you can add, edit, modify and/or delete your list of late/tardy excuses.  School Check IN allows up to ten (10) late/tardy excuses.  You can add the first nine (9) excuses.  The last excuse (#10) is preset to "Other".  You can also determine the order your late/tardy excuses are displayed by assigning a number display preference of one through nine (1 - 9).  School Check IN requires that you fill in all excuses.

What is printed on each Tardy/Late pass?
On each ADMIT pass, School Check IN prints the school name, the late/tardy excuse, the student's name, the pass identifier "ADMIT PASS", today's date and current time.  Click here (ADMIT PASS) to view a sample late/tardy pass.

Can we disable printing Tardy/Late passes?

Yes, in the Admin section you can enable or disable School Check IN's late/tardy pass printing feature.  At any later time, you may once again enable the School Check IN late/tardy pass printing feature.

How quickly are Tardy/Late passes printed?
School Check IN prints ADMIT passes in just seconds.

Can a student be checked twice on the same day as Tardy/Late?
Yes, if the student has checked out in between.  In addition, School Check IN can be set to check students in as either Late to School, or Late to Class.

What type of paper should we use in our label printer?
If you are printing ADMIT Passes, we recommend you use continuous receipt paper rather than peel and stick labels.  Continuous receipt paper costs much less than peel and stick labels.  Plus using peel and stick labels may result in ADMIT passes being stuck on walls all over your school.

How are student names and classes entered into School Check IN?
Student names and classes can either be entered manually (one at a time) or imported from an excel file or a CDL file (comma delimited file).
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