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Printer FAQ's

Do we need to purchase a Dymo Labelwriter printer before we try School Check IN?
No, you can try School Check IN without with any printer.  To print ID Badges and/or Passes a Dymo Labelwriter printer is required.

Why do we need a label printer?
To print ID Badges (peel & stick labels) or Passes (continuous paper), a Dymo Labelwriter printer is required.     School Check IN application is designed and works ONLY with the custom labels sold through School Check IN.

Can we turn off the label printer function?
Yes, you can disable (turn off) printer function for all or any individual function.

Can we print labels using a different label printer?
SchoolCheckIN was designed to print to only using the Dymo LabelWriters Printers (models 450, 400 and 330). School Check IN  is only certified to work with the Dymo Labelwriter printers. We selected the Dymo LabelWriter Printers because of its price, ability to print large labels, low cost for supplies (labels), ease of configuration and simplicity in use.

Can we print different labels to two (2) label printers?
Yes, SchoolCheck IN Version 6 can print to TWO different LabelWriters. One printer may be selected for ID Badges (peel & stick labels) and the second printer for Passes (continuous paper)   Once set, it's automatic.

To print using TWO (2) LabelWriters requires either a computer with two (2) USB ports or a USB Hub.  One printer is used for printing Passes (late/tady passes and Early Dismissal slips).  The second printer is used to print ID Badges for volunteers, visitors and substitutes.

Is School Check IN multi-user?
Yes, School Check IN is available in two versions --

Basic runs on a standalone dedicated computer and is not networked and/or multi-user. 

Enterprise is a client server version that is multi-user and is networked. Enterprise was designed for districts that wish to deploy School Check IN district wide.  For a comparison between BASIC and Enterprise, please contact us for our "Basic vs Enterprise" comparison.

Purchasing your label printer:
You may purchase your LabelWriter Printer directly from School Check IN.  In addition, School Check IN offers the best prices on all your LabelWriter supplies.

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Which Label Should You Use?
If you are using School Check IN to print ID Badges, we recommend the peel & stick labels.  ID Badges are available in either WHITE or NEON YELLOW  or HOT PINK .  For Passes, (Student Late/Tardy Passes or Early Parent Dismissal Receipts) use the continuous paper.  Continuous white paper is less expensive than peel and stick labels

Label Printer Configuration
The Dymo LabelWriter uses a USB connection. Setting up and configuration instructions can be downloaded here: Dymo Printer Instructions

Dymo Printers
For use with 3rd party software, like School Check IN, Dymo requires that the Dymo LabelWriter Software be installed. Some insight we gained while installing and testing LabelWriter were:

DO NOT connect the USB cable until the installation onscreen instructions request that the USB cable be
connected. If you are using the LabelWriter to print labels, you must ALWAYS make your default printer.

Can we use another label printer?
School Check IN is designed and tested to print labels to:
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter 450 TWIN turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400
  • Dymo LabelWriter 400 turbo
  • Dymo LabelWriter TWIN turbo.

What type of printer(s) is required?
To print reports, you should be able to use any standard laser or inkjet printer installed for your computer.
To setup your report printer, from the Main menu, please go to Admin | Settings | Printers.  Here you will see the option to identify and select your report printer.

Can we customize School Check IN?
Yes, School Check IN provides many customizable preferences, such as adding your schools mascot, using a web camera, which buttons to display on the Main Menu, etc…  In the Administrator section, select "Preferences".  It is here that you may customize School Check IN to display your schools information and select which options in School Check IN you wish to use.
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