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How Does BioCHECK Work?

A student, faculty/staff, volunteer, parent/guardian or vendor checks in or out with the touch of their finger. In about 1 second, the person is recognized, verified and admitted.

To use BioCHECK, each person is first enrolled into BioCHECK by scanning their left and right index finger. Now, the next time a BioCHECK enrolled person scans their finger, School Check IN will instantly recognize them and allow them access.

$795 Startup Pack

Are user fingerprints stored or used?

NO. BioCHECK scans an individual's finger and creates a unique alogrithm from this scan and creates a digitial template. No fingerprint is stored or saved. No fingerprint can be reproduced or reverse engineered from the digitial template.

Can anyone's finger be used with BioCHECK?

Generally yes. But there is a small percentage of people whose index finger will not work. We simply recommend trying a different finger.

What are the system requirements?

BioCHECK requires either Windows 2000 or Windows XP (SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS) (not available for MACS, Windows 98 or Windows ME computers).

Which versions of School Check IN will BioCHECK work with?

BioCHECK requires School Check IN version 5.1 or higher.

Can we use BioCHECK and OffenderCHECK on the same computer?

YES. Both applications work fine together, provided your computer has enough memory.