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Admin FAQ's

How do I access the Admin menu for setting up and configuring School Check IN?
Click on the Admin button on the Main School Check IN Menu.  Enter the Admin's password when requested.  The default Admin password was emailed to you when you downloaded School Check IN.

NOTE -- Always exit School Check IN using the RED EXIT button found in the Admin section.  Do not use "ctr-alt-del", "alt-F4" or any other method to exit School Check IN.

If we lose our Admin password, can we still access the Admin function?
Should you loose and/or forget your Admin passwords, please contact School Check IN support for assistance.
We recommend that you share this password with only a few key people.

Can we disable buttons on the School Check IN main screen that we do not wish to use?
Yes, through the Admin section, you can disable (make disappear) any of the six (6) buttons (Student
Late/Tardy, Teachers/Substitutes, Early Dismissal, Volunteers, Visitors and Vendors).  The Admin and Office
buttons are permanent and cannot be removed.  At any later date, you may enable (make appear) and once
again use any or all of the five function buttons.

You can also add the button for a second langusge to display on the Main Menu.
You can also edit the scrolling message at the bottom of the Main Menu.

Can we import student and class information into School Check IN?
Yes, you can import volunteer, student, class and faculty & staff information from an Excel file and/or a CSV
(comma separated file ).  See the Video User Guide (add link to video user guide) for more detail on how to import data.

Can we delete expired information?
Yes, data should only be deleted from the Admin function (refer to the Video User Guide) using the Admin delete
functions.  Do not use Windows Explorer and/or windows system commands (i.e. delete) to delete files or
erase data.

Can we edit incorrectly entered information?
Yes, using the Admin function, you can edit all data in all data files.

Can we edit the list of excuses and/or purposes?
Yes, you create your own list of excuses and/or purposes for Student Late/Tardy, Volunteers, Visitors, Early
Dismissal, Job Functions and Faculty Off Campus Purposes.  In addition, you can set the priority of your list as
to the order of your excuses and/or purposes.  The maximum number of excuses and/or purposes allowed is
fifteen (15).  However, in actual use, you may only enter fourteen (14) items because number the fifteenth (#15)
is set to "Other" and cannot be deleted.

Do we need to re-enter student and teacher information each school year?
For most schools, the answer is yes.

Larger schools (have more than one class per grade) will need to delete and start anew.
Small schools that have only one class per grade may promote your students from last year's teacher's class to the new school year's teacher class.  “Promoting” students will only work if all students in last year’s class move 100% to next year’s class.

If data is accidentally deleted, can it be retrieved?
YES.  As long as you do not dlete the actual files themselves, most times data can be restored.  Everytime you start School Check IN a backup is made.  You can even control the backup location (where on your school's network the backup should be placed).

From where does School Check IN read the time and date?
School Check IN acquires the date and time information from the computer on which School Check IN is installed.  It is vital that you accurately maintain your computer's date and time settings.
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